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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Come Back (Remake)


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Thematic: Remake, Serial Murderers, Nightmares, Death, Dreams
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After the 2010 Nightmare On Elm Street Remake ended the 2012 picks up 5 months after the ending. And follows the characters lives as in college everyone tries to move on. But the psyhcopathical killer returns after three students go to sleep the dreams begin again by singing the song in their heads and the visions begin again. Since then everyone has him in their dreams once again. How will Freddy be stopped? Nightmare On Elm Street II coming in 2012

Other Titles:

1ª Part

2ª Part

3ª Part

4ª Part

5ª Part

6ª Part

7ª Part

8ª Part

9ª Part

Adaptación Videojuego / Año 1989

Documental / Año 1989

Documental / Año 2006

Documental / Año 2010

Documental / Año 2011

Documental / Año 2012

Documental / Cort (1991)

Documental / Cort (1991)

Documental / Cort (1992)

Documental / Cort (2006)

Documental / Cort (2006)

Remake / 1ª P.

Remake Indio

Serie TV / Año 1988-90

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